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Lyrics by Jazziraffi from “Number Nine”


Trains pass by and it’s dark enough 2 find my way.
I’m just standing there, listening to the moon, 2 what she has to say.
I move unnoticed and without weight.
I,m still not tired even do it’s getting late.
The trains how beautifull, trhey rush they rore.
The moon yellow and big, I just remembered, my heart whas sore.
Not anymore (repeat)
I’m alone now, just me and the wind.
A big window and a new found friend.
I’m so sorry, how could I have known.
To prospere in the shadows, no TV, No telephone.
I’m alone (repeat)
Ooh I love you (repeat)

Remember Me

Remember me
You said never ever worry. (repeat)
It’s all gonna be ok.
The best thing you could say.
I wanted us to stay there forever.
You smiled and made me crie.
We both were shy and high
Cheese milk and beeing clever.
You o’d me, I o’d you.
Like wise, you know I do, still love you.
Yes I do Baby Boe.
I’m living life so naturally,
That’s the way I wanne be.
Nappy and dreaming, baby I miss you, yes I do!
Remember me
You said never ever worry. (repeat)
I,m not (repeat)
Remember me
You said never ever worry. (repeat)

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